Getting a cut that’s above all the rest

Toronto’s best barber shops are low on stress and drama and high on value,quality and character.The city’s top barbers uphold the traditions of a métier that has survived the ravages of time and technology.Lets not forget that once upon a time,barbers were bona fide surgeons,performing amputations and bloodlettings in addition to cutting hair.And while their therapeutic services may have been curtailed due to medical advances,today’s cutters will still listen to your life story and share their wisdom on everything from your troubles to the latest in politics,sports and culture.

Tony’s Bareber Shop

In business since 1959, and operated by Amri Khatib since 2003,Tony’s place offers a minimalist take on the traditional barber shop.New chairs and a sparse yet luxurious décor complement old-fashioned service that includes scissor cuts,razor neck shaves and exquisite attention to detail delivered with the help of righthand barber Frank.